Wooden toys developmental factory

Based on Montessori and Seguin methodologies for children aged 0 to 8 years old.

14 years

in the toy market

600 types

of educational products

1.5 million

orders on marketplaces

90 000

products manufactured per month

Eco-friendliness, safety, excitement, quality - these are the principles that have been at the core of the company's work from day one.

The Alatoys factory is located in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic, in one of the most environmentally friendly regions.

Parents from different parts of the world delight and educate their children with Alatoys wooden educational toys

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Since 2010 Alatoys has been known to families in the following countries:

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Alatoys: the business of life is the happiness of generations

The history of Alatoys company began in 2001, when the founders of the company Artyom and Yana Naumov first met each other. The similarity of views on the world, running their own businesses and a mutual desire to get to know each other has grown not only into great love, but also into a joint business.

For a long time, the couple has successfully developed real estate-related projects. The story could have ended there, if not for the ambitions of Artyom, who wanted to find a life's work. A sphere that you want to devote yourself to, thanks to which you will benefit society, make the world a better place.
Before the institute, Artyom received his first profession – a carpenter-parquet. Being engaged in real estate, he wanted to do something with his own hands, create something unique and useful. The choice fell on wooden educational toys.

The idea was close to Yana. For a long time, the couple did not have children; each unsuccessful attempt was upsetting... At that time, the young family did not yet know that fate had its own plans, and before the long-awaited birth of the baby, they should make the children of Russia and abroad happy. Having supported her husband's idea, they moved on to implementation. During...
The story of Alatoys is a real example of how one person's life's work has become not only a reason for the joy of thousands of kids and their parents, but also the key to the happiness of their own family, filled with children's laughter.

Our toys develop:

Motor Skills







Our Team

Alatoys are primarily people

Artyom and Yana Naumov
Founders of Alatoys factory
"We are happy that our small idea has grown into a big company. Today, more than 200 employees every day put their heart and soul into the process of design, construction and production of toys, thought out to the smallest detail. Every year we make several hundred million parts for our toys. We produce more than 90,000 products per month and more than 1,000,000 per year"
  • Talalaev Maxim
    Executive Director
  • Glagoleva Yulia
    Head of E-Commerce and Marketing Department
  • Krasnoshchekova Anna
    Head of the Quality and Personnel Training Department
  • Korzhova Irina
    Head of the Network and Export Department

Desired by children, approved by adults

Fast delivery! Very bright colors, pleasant smell of wood, not strong. There was a piece of sandpaper to sand a little after separating the chips. All the chips are notched, whole. The child is happy. Thank you!
One of the best games I've ever bought. We take it with us everywhere. My daughter is 2.9. She is restless with delay in speech development. However, thanks to this lotto, she listens attentively when I describe the animal to her and looks at them. The name of half of them already calls. Many thanks to the manufacturer ❤️
I am 100% satisfied with the purchase! Not only does the toy match the stated description, but also the best thing is that it carried the child away for a long time - I managed everything I could and still have time left. Interest in the toy did not disappear in the following days, which I am incredibly glad about. We will order more from this manufacturer - we want cubes next.
The child is 1.8 years old. We really liked it, develops motor skills, colors, shapes and counting. Definitely recommend it!
The speech therapist advised such an alphabet for making sounds and combining them into words. The child likes the format of the game, understands everything clearly, like a tablet. We learn to pronounce, come up with words on different topics, trace letters on paper, There are many tasks on the cards, but you can make them yourself.
An interesting game. My daughter is 2 years old, she plays with pleasure. Captivates and develops. The toy wasn’t damaged, the delivery is fast. I'm buying not the first toy of this series

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