Stacking toy

The stacking toy is a traditional toy for a baby. Despite its simplicity, it offers a multitude of possibilities. Playing with the stacking toy will contribute to the overall development of the child.

The brightly colored rings of the stacking toy are painted in rainbow colors, which will attract the attention of any baby. While playing, the child will learn the basic colors and learn to differentiate them. By assembling the stacking toy, the child will become familiar with the concepts of "bigger-smaller" and learn to compare.

Stringing the rings promotes the development of visual and perceptual thinking in the baby. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are improved. The child’s memory is developed as they learn to remember the sequence of stringing the rings. Assembling the stacking toy promotes the child’s perseverance.

—Visual and perceptual thinking;
—Memory, attention, perception, imagination;
—Visual-motor coordination;
—Fine motor skills;

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