Sorter "Fruit and vegetables"

Sorter for kids "Fruit-vegetables" is a wooden base with recesses and inserts in the form of geometric shapes with images of vegetables, fruits.

Looking at the pictures together with the baby, name a vegetable or fruit, develop the baby’s speech. The images are located on two halves of the figure. Name the shape of the figure: circle, hexagon (polygon), square.
When connecting a pair, the child must name the animal and find the right place in the base.

The forms of the three types have different color bases, which also helps to develop the baby’s thinking, logic and speech. Peculiar wooden puzzles develop attention. Mix all the parts of the sorter and offer to put everything in place, playing for speed.

Sorter for children develops logical thinking and sensory skills, forms a sequence of movements, helps in learning counting, fine motor skills, motor activity, helps to know the world better, stimulates mental activity, imagination and imagination, and can also be used in finger gymnastics.

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