Interactive alphabet "Learning to read"

Interactive board game "Alphabet, learning to read!" is a unique toy that will help your child compose words, read them and correlate them with images. Interactive alphabet is an effective teaching of reading for girls and boys. The child learns to collect words from small dice with letters on picture cards with hints for learning and entertainment.

The game alphabet will teach you to read syllables in Russian or English. With a children’s game, kids will easily remember letters and make words out of them, using inserts on a wooden sorter board. The child learns to read in a playful way using the Montessori method. Smart training kit develops attention, emotions, logical and creative thinking, and fine motor skills. This is the study of the alphabet, interesting entertainment and good preparation for school. Colored letters — pieces of wood on a board and large pictures — tips with funny animals and fruits can be taken in the car, on a long road, to kindergarten.

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