Puzzle-association "Colors"

Is it difficult for your baby to remember colors? The color association puzzle game will help you with this.

Children are interested in looking at color pictures and learning new things. It is much easier to explain and remember colors using color-object associations: eggplant is purple, carrot is orange, and lettuce is green. The color association puzzle game will help you with this. First, get acquainted with the child with the images on the chips.

You will find four colors: red, blue, yellow, green. Remove the chips from the insert frame and fill in one row together with the child. Pronounce the name of each drawing and the color in which it is depicted. With the puzzle game, your kid will develop coordination, fine motor skills, associative thinking, memory, classification and sorting, and enrich vocabulary. In addition, most importantly, a kid will learn the names of the main colors. This is the best toy for boys and girls. After all, if we learn while playing, new knowledge is easier to learn, so the mosaic puzzle will bring maximum benefit to children. Memo will even replace the traditional puzzle, convenient to use at home, on the road.

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