Neurotracer interhemispheric boards

Interhemispheric boards are a mechanical simulator in the form of a board with a mirror incision of patterns of varying complexity for the right and left hands. As you know, each of the hemispheres of the brain is responsible for controlling the opposite side of the body. That is, when we act with the right hand, we activate the left hemisphere, and when we move the left hand, we activate the right hemisphere.

Each of the hemispheres is responsible for different functions. Left — for logical thinking, analysis, math skills, speech, right — for the ability to plan, imaginative thinking, creativity, perception of information by ear. For the proper functioning of the brain, both hemispheres must be equally developed. And for the most effective activation of the brain, it is necessary that the hemispheres are interconnected with each other. At this point, new neurons are formed. It is for the development of neural interhemispheric connections that interhemispheric boards are needed. Such a simple, at first glance, neuro-trainer has a huge benefit. Daily use of this simulator allows you to improve your child’s memory, attention, thinking, concentration, and organization. In addition, actions with the simulator contribute to the development of fine motor skills, coordination of movements, and prepare the hand for writing, which is an important skill at school.

When working with interhemispheric boards, it is worth following
a certain sequence:

1) the exercise is performed by one (leading) with your hand on the same
side of the board in the forward and reverse direction;
2) the exercise is performed with the other hand on the same side of the board
in the forward and reverse direction;
3) the exercise is performed synchronously with two hands: first along one
trajectory, then in the opposite direction;
4) the last task will be the passage of the maze simultaneously
with two hands, but in a different direction. This is a complicated
execution option. Such asynchronous movements further activate
the work of the brain.

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