Sorter "Learning shapes and colors"

The educational sorter for children "Learning shapes and colors" from the Alatoys brand is a toy that will help your children develop visual and logical thinking, attention, fine motor skills and coordination. It’s also a great way to teach them colors and sorting by them.

It helps children develop their cognitive skills and is also educational! The game is ideal for toddlers, but older children will also like it, it will be a great preparation for toddlers who will soon learn to read and count.

The puzzle consists of a box, a set of large geometric shapes, different in shape and color; sticks and laces for stringing them; cards with tasks and a methodical manual. This toy is approved by Montessori, which means that it is not only fun to play with, but it will help your child learn how to systematize information logically. The laced sorter has an innovative design that allows children to sort colorful figurines by shape, rainbow colors or size.

It is made of high—quality wood, which is strong and durable enough — what you need for a baby. In the assortment, there are two sets of games with different sets of geometric shapes. This is an educational toy: learning to sort figures helps children develop fine motor skills of fingers, which is important for the development of speech, and learning colors and sizes improves recognition skills — and all this is great for forming the basics of literacy, learning modeling, developing creativity and imagination!

Wooden educational sorter for entertaining games with children is a toy that will occupy your child for several hours. Thanks to the variety of shapes and colors, your kid can sort the parts by the appropriate slots or even come up with their own games. It is a fantastic educational tool for toddlers and preschoolers who want to learn about sorting, shapes and colors. It’s also great for parents who want to keep the kids busy while you do housework.

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