Sorter "Turtle and steam locomotive"

Sorter "Turtle and steam locomotive"
This product can be used as a play aid in the work of a teacher (educator, speech therapist, speech pathologist) in the classroom, as well as by parents for classes with children at home. Depending on the method of application (variant of the game), with the help of this manual, you can develop various skills in a child:
— sort objects by colors;
— count;
— correlate colors;
— keep the instruction in memory;
— distinguish between the concepts of "top-bottom";
— lay out and follow the logical sequence according to the pattern.

Build skills:
— accounts;
— matching the numeral with the adjective and noun;
— inflections in the genitive case.

Promote the development of:
— auditory and visual memory;
— auditory attention;
— logical thinking;
— interhemispheric interaction;
— speech (achieved through feedback when the child pronounces his actions)

The use of tweezers promotes the development of fine motor skills, finger praxis. The correct grip of the tweezers prepares the hand for writing (for the correct grip of the pen).
Tweezers can be held with one hand (first leading, then not leading). You can also hold it with two hands.

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