Memory game "Find a couple"

The board memory game for children "Find a couple" is an educational puzzle toy for kids from Alatoys for complex development. The six double-sided cards feature paired pictures on topics: Animals, Transport; Fruits/Vegetables; Animals; Mathematics.

The pictures are hidden by wooden chips. The task of the players: opening 1 chip each, find a pair. A memory toy should be used to solve the following tasks of a child’s development: Forming ideas about color, shape; Comparing objects with each other, highlighting similarities and differences between them; Identifying signs (properties) of objects and generalizing (grouping) them according to given signs; Classifying objects according to given signs;
Mastering the concepts of "more" and "less", recalculation of objects; Formation of ideas about the spatial arrangement of objects, understanding the meaning of spatial concepts: "for", "before", "between", "next", etc.

Performing simple synthesis and analysis operations: dividing the whole into parts and determining the whole by its part. Play, develop and learn new things together with memory from Alatoys! A pleasant evening with your family is provided for you! The child will be satisfied and happy! Children enjoy learning about the world around them while playing with a puzzle. During the game, the child will not break anything of value, as he will enthusiastically play a toy useful for development for a long time. Suitable for playing together and developing classes with an adult

Characteristics of the educational toy: made of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials. A strong toy, there are no chips, notches and roughness.
The educational wooden sorter toy has no smells of paint, glue. The paint that is used in the production of water-based Alatoys children’s toys. It is hypoallergenic and cannot cause harm and cause allergies.

  1. The service life (shelf life) is not limited! The product will last a long time — even for several children.
  2. All Alatoys products meet the most stringent quality requirements.
  3. Certificates of conformity confirm this.
  4. A toy for girls, a toy for boys.

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