Clothespins "Big Laundry"

Big Laundry by Alatoys is a fun sorter game for kids.

Help the child to assemble a construction with a "clothesline" and scatter colorful felt garments and wooden clothespins in front of him. Games with clothespins are an analogue of a wooden sorter, this is a didactic game for kids from 3 years old, for the development of motor skills, consolidating knowledge of basic colors and shades.

The educational guide for kids in an exciting way will help you master counting, color, broaden your horizons and vocabulary.
Advantages of the sorter toy for kids by colors: it will be useful and interesting for the child to get acquainted with different materials, colors and shapes. The child will learn the skill of hanging "laundry" and will be able to help adults. Ask the little assistant to use the details of a given color or the right shape to play on mindfulness.

Come up with your own fun game — it will help in the development of fine motor skills, color and tactile perception, and will also bring many positive emotions to the child!

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