Puzzle "Alphabet"

Puzzle for children "Alphabet" is an exciting game in the world of letters and pictures! By assembling the puzzle and placing the letters in their places, the child learns to correlate the shape of the letter and the places suitable for them. In addition, a word written next to it helps to associate a letter with a certain word. The puzzle game develops observation, perseverance, visual perception and intellectual abilities.

Puzzle for kids develops:
  • Motor skills (affects many important processes in the development of a child: speech abilities, spatial coordination, observation, concentration and attention)
  • Logic (independence, resourcefulness, ingenuity, perseverance is developed, constructive skills are developed)
  • Speech (one of the most important conditions for the development of a child’s personality)
  • The child’s imagination (this is the ability to consciously form certain images of reality and control them)
  • Concentration and attention (a very important and useful skill so that there are no problems with learning, memorizing in everyday life)
  • Memory (this is the ability of the nervous system to record, analyze, preserve and further voice the information received)
  • Imagination and imagination (skills necessary for the development of creativity)
Play, develop and learn new things together with wooden puzzles from Alatoys! A pleasant evening with your family is guaranteed for you! The child will be satisfied and happy!

Characteristics of the educational toy: made of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials. The toy for kids does not smell of paint, glue. The paint used in the production of Alatoys water-based children’s toys is hypoallergenic and cannot cause harm and cause allergies.

  1. The service life (shelf life) is not limited!
  2. All Alatoys products meet the most stringent quality requirements.
  3. Certificates of conformity confirm this.
  4. A toy for boys, a toy for girls.

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