Geoboard with elastic bands

A geoboard with elastic bands or a mathematical tablet from Alatoys is a wooden educational toy in the form of a board with pins, between which elastic bands are stretched. The game was created for the early development of children according to the Montessori method. You can use this toy in educational games and teaching children from 3 years old, preschoolers and younger schoolchildren. A mathematical geoboard with diagrams will captivate your child for a long time.

To begin with, show your child a tablet and rubber bands, demonstrate how they can be put on and taken off, and tell about the simplest tasks.

1. We ask to count the pins, and then, taking the rubber bands (a small amount), show how to pull the elastic bands on the pins. It is necessary to explain to the child that first we cling the rubber band to the pin, and then pull it from the bottom up or from left to right.

2. During the game, you can practice counting: how many pins inside the figure, how many around the perimeter

3. If you study by cards, move gradually — from simple to complex.
Let them play freely and master the geoboard, then offer different tasks, and then let them play freely again, already with new skills and objects.

A wooden geoboard with elastic bands promotes the development of:
  • fine and large motor skills (this is the ability to control the body and make movements with fingers to achieve the task, this skill is just beginning to develop in childhood)
  • memory and observation (visual, sound and tactile — the more stimuli, the better the development)
  • perseverance and concentration (for children it is it is difficult initially; for example, the child’s desire to open the door on the lock will force him to focus on the movements and bring the matter to an end, no matter how difficult it is)
  • spatial thinking (a component of intelligence, with its help we can navigate in space)
  • analytical and creative abilities (a wide variety of details will allow us to come up with various combinations of interaction)
  • design skills (great opportunities for imagination, imagination and allows the child to feel like a creator)
  • sensory and visual perception (fast processing of incoming information from the outside world)
Included: base; 40 double-sided task cards; 50 rubber bands; full-color instructions.

Characteristics of the educational toy: made of environmentally friendly wood and high-quality materials.
A toy for children does not smell of paint or glue. The paint used in the production of Alatoys water-based children’s toys is hypoallergenic and cannot cause harm and cause allergies.

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