Mosaic "Fruit"

Mosaic for children "Fruit" is a bright wooden figure in the form of fruits: plums, pears, strawberries, lemon, and apple, raspberry. There are recesses on the figure of each fruit, which are filled with figures of the corresponding color. Educational wooden toy.

The child needs to "collect" the fruit by inserting into the empty cells the details of the mosaic of the appropriate shape:
  • a circle;
  • triangle;
  • square;
  • hexagon.
A child can not only assemble a mosaic, but also use fruits as a form for drawing — draw contours on a sheet with a pencil and learn to draw fruits by coloring them.

With the sorter for kids, you can:
  • learn to count by counting the mosaic details suitable for each fruit;
  • learn geometric shapes, in the form of which the details of the mosaic are made;
  • study the colors in which fruits are colored.
Images of vegetables and fruits will be clear to the kid, and it will become easy and simple to learn colors and geometric shapes during the game. Each set consists of 6 wooden frames — inserts in the form of vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to find and place geometric figures in shape and color in the houses-windows.

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