Lotto for kids "Letters-Numbers"

Lotto is a classic board game for all ages! The presenter takes one picture out of the bag. The task of the players is to collect all the pictures on their card. The first one becomes the winner! A bright, high-quality toy. A fun evening with your family is guaranteed for you! Large-sized chips are perfect for even the smallest players. It is convenient for the baby to hold such a chip. The drawings on it are beautiful and large.

* Children’s wooden lotto is one of the most popular board games for children. If you want to increase the vocabulary of the baby, expand the horizons — play with him in the children’s lotto.

* Playing lotto with the whole family, you not only have fun with your child, but also develop his communication skills during the game.

Lotto will help in the development of speech. A set of wooden lotto Letters and numbers will introduce the child to letters and numbers. Each chip has a bright and clear illustration.

Lotto for kids develops:
  • motor skills;
  • logic;
  • imagination;
  • he studies the world around him;
  • score;
  • Arithmetic and colors.
The set includes 42 wooden pictures and 7 cardboard cards with images of fruits and vegetables and a storage bag.

Characteristics of the educational toy: made of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials.
The Russian lotto toy does not smell of paint, glue. The paint used in the production of Alatoys water-based children’s toys is hypoallergenic and cannot cause harm and cause allergies.

  1. The service life (shelf life) is not limited!
  2. All Alatoys products meet the most stringent quality requirements.
  3. Certificates of conformity confirm this.
  4. A toy for girls, a toy for boys.

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