Balancer "Acrobats"

Balance beam for children "Acrobats"— this is an educational toy that delights kids of different ages. Build a variety of towers from wooden figures. An exciting and interesting activity for adults and children. Included with the toy are task cards for maximum immersion and training sessions. Whose acrobat climbs higher, he will win. The task cards included will occupy an inquisitive child’s mind for a long time and help adults do all the necessary chores around the house.

It can be used as a counting material, a constructor, a balancer and a jenga game. Develops dexterity, eye, precision of movements, the ability to feel balance, imaginative and logical thinking, the game is aimed at developing imagination. A great wooden toy for training ingenuity, concentration and attentiveness in children. Suitable for playing together and developing classes with an adult.

Detskiy mir