Busyboard "Bus"

Busyboard for children Bus is a wooden toy with which the child learns about the world around him. The toy will teach the baby to use objects that the child is interested in in real life.

The game consists of lacing, a maze, a zipper, a set of gears. A busyboard made of wood is a toy in the form of a board, with various parts that are safe, well processed.

Busyboard for kids promotes the development of fine and large motor skills (this is the ability to control your body and make small movements with your fingers to achieve the task, this skill is just beginning to develop at the age of 1 year), dexterity and coordination (the ability to cope with any motor task that has arisen), logic and cause-and-effect relationships (the baby sees, what his actions lead to what results and understands what needs to be done to open the door, etc.), memory and observation (especially visual, sound and tactile — the more stimuli, the better the development), perseverance and concentration of attention (something that is not characteristic of children initially, for example, the child’s desire to open the door on the lock, will force him to focus on his movements and finish the job, no matter how difficult it is), spatial thinking (one of the important components of intelligence, with his help, we can navigate in space), perseverance in achieving the goal (if the child does not require help from you, do not interfere, give him the opportunity to do it himself — the joy of achieving the goal will strengthen his self-confidence and increase self-esteem).

The busyboard is convenient to take with you in the car, compact and strong. Children enjoy learning about the world around them during the game.

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