Set of puzzles "Who eats what?"

How to expand a child’s horizons and vocabulary with one toy? With puzzles for kids from Alatoys, it is easier than ever.

Puzzles "Who eats what?" are a set of 10 wooden cards divided into 2 parts. The task for the children is to assemble a wooden puzzle, choosing their own pair for each.

In the game, the child learns new objects, learns the names of animals, their favorite food, fruits and vegetables, and develops fine motor skills by collecting the puzzle halves.

An excellent life hack: in the process of an educational game, you can compose a story, developing imagination, enriching vocabulary and stimulating the development of a child’s speech. Puzzles for kids is a game set, a traditional puzzle for a great pastime and expanding the horizons of your baby.

This Montessori toy will be a wonderful board game for children 3 to 5 years old (and for toddlers 1 to 2 years under supervision), and a logical board game, and a puzzle.

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