Mosaic "Figures"

A magnificent mosaic designer with a set of cards for creativity from the Alatoys brand. Modern mosaic puzzle is not only an interesting toy, but also a necessary, useful tool for the development of children’s intelligence.

The mosaic is suitable for toddlers over 3 years old and small preschool children. The set includes multi-colored geometric details, when the elements are added together, animal figures and pictures are obtained. In a dense box of mosaic — you will find samples of wooden figures for assembly, a convenient stand — holder and double-sided cards with interesting tasks from simple to complex.

All the details are large, so the child will be safe during the game, and the necessary detail will not be lost. The bright colors of the figures are painted with hypoallergenic paint, the edges of the products are smooth and smooth.

Mosaic is based on the principles of cubism, which will help the development of visual thinking, spatial skill, as well as understand how to use various objects in a given situation. Constantly engaged in the assembly of plywood figures, the child uses imagination and includes fantasy. Therefore, the toy puzzle develops fine motor skills of hands and sensory perception, logic, speech, creative imagination of the child, concentration, attention, memory, teaches color perception. When creating their own original pictures and crafts, the child will learn to solve various tasks in his mind, which contributes to the development of mathematical and imaginative thinking.

It is easier for children to learn about the world around them and develop logical thinking in the process of a fun game, so the mosaic is ideal for this. The intellectual puzzle can be played with friends for a long time. It is also suitable for educational classes with adults at home, in kindergarten or on a holiday.

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