Balancer "Cat-And-Mouse"

The Cat-and-Mouse balancer for children is an educational toy that delights kids of different ages. It has a wooden base in the form of a piece of cheese with a hole, which, like a small swing, can be swung in different directions. Install a balancer, lay out figures in the form of mice, on the sides of the cheese so that it remains standing steadily, you can put a cat figure inside the cheese. An inquisitive child’s mind will come up with various options for setting the balance on the platform. The set includes 12 cards with tasks.

Wooden balancer promotes development:
  • the game is aimed at developing imagination (a wide variety of details will allow you to come up with different combinations of interaction)
  • experimenter skills (try new things)
  • familiarity with the concept of "balance" (the child will train perseverance and train the skill of balance) learning or repeating colors (bright details are created for the study of colors)
Children enjoy learning about the world around them during the game. During the game, the child will not break anything of value, as he will enthusiastically play a toy useful for development for a long time. Suitable for playing together and developing classes with an adult.
The number of fun activities with a developing balancer is not limited! Play and develop together with Alatoys!

  1. The service life (shelf life) is not limited!
  2. Meets the requirements of: Technical Regulations of the Customs Union ТР ТС 008/2011 "On the toys safety"
  3. Toy for boys, toy for girls.

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