Domino "Fruit and vegetables"

Do you want to have fun with your family?

Children’s domino will bring the whole family together for one exciting activity! Wooden dominoes can be played with both toddlers and older children. Preschool children will be very interested in learning the score in a playful way, and not through coercion and books. Invite your child to become a presenter — so the kid will be motivated to learn objects, letters, names of fruits, vegetables and numbers faster. The game is very simple — take the chips out of the bag and show the pictures — whoever has such an image takes the chip for himself.

Playing dominoes, children learn mindfulness, develop basic vocabulary, logical thinking, and horizons. Such a cool toy, as children’s "gambling" board games, contribute to the training of fine motor skills of the fingers, which is very important for the development of the child’s brain. The game allows you to simulate many different situations and quickly memorize numbers. Interesting forks are convenient to use both at home and on the road. The game was created taking into account the methodology of early development according to the Montessori system. No boy or girl will refuse to dive into the game kingdom, while gaining new useful knowledge!

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